Step out of the Shadows of Villainy

A cataclysmic event has created a new breed of villians who are causing havoc all around the world. Luckily, the same event has imbued you and a select few with cool new elemental powers to be used for the good of humanity.

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A limited print of the game's core villains, known as Founder Cards, will be available for minting. The first seventy NFTs (Core Founders) will provide holders the following benefits:

  • Access to a special founder's-only discord channel where key decisions will be discussed
  • Early access to the game during development

In essence, owners of the first 70 will contribute to the game's development and lore.

Every Founder Card will grant access to the game and reward the player with an in-game bonus based on the card's rarity and element.

In-game, players will unlock new playable characters which can be withdrawn to a wallet as a Hero Card NFT for sale or trade on a secondary market like OpenSea.

About the game

The world is in trouble, but luckily you're a new superhero trying to learn the ropes and put an end to the crime and chaos set loose by the super-powered villains.

  • Fight villains and criminals to level up in this 3rd-person superhero adventure rpg.
  • Complete missions to earn Kudos which can be exchanged for ShatterCalls.
  • Each ShatterCall has the potential to unlock an upgrade or a new playable character.
  • Don't want the unlocked character?
    Send it to your wallet as a Hero Card NFT to trade or sell with other players!


  • Prototype development now
  • Initial Founder Cards NFT sale Q2 2022
  • Alpha access to Core Founder Card holders Q3 2022
  • Beta access to all Founder Card holders Q4 2022
  • Core updates based on Alpha/Beta feedback Q2 2023
  • Early-Access releaseQ4 2023

How you can help

  • Follow us on Twitter and like and retweet our tweets!
  • Join the discord and help us brainstorm.
  • Tell your friends! Post it on reddit! Spread the word!


Initial Founder Card NFT

  • Limited mint of 5,000 Founder Cards
  • Mint cost of approximately ~60 USD in Polygon MATIC
  • Expected Revenue: ~$300,000 USD

Revenue Distribution

  • 15% Community Building, Contests, Etc.
  • 25% Feeding the Developers
  • 60% Development Assets, Voice Actors, Etc.
percentage chart


  • What platform will this be available on?
    • Initially available on PC and Mac
  • Is this an MMO?
    • No, initally it will be a single player campaign.
    • Phase 2 will introduce co-op boss fights.
    • Phase 3 will allow you to co-op with friends.
  • What blockchain will this be available on?
    • The Polygon blockchain

Who are you?

This is a SharkJets production, led by Skid Vis.
"Hi, I love comic books, video games, and crypto."

Skid Vis is a Unity-Certified programmer and has been a professional developer for over twenty years.

SharkJets teaches devs how to make games using Unity on the SharkJets YouTube channel.

SharkJets previously created the Web3 title, DragonMound, which rewards players who finish it with a DragonMound Pioneer NFT and is an active participant in the EverDragons 2 community, rewarding GoldMine players with a fancy GoldMiner NFT.

Owning these NFTs may result in in-game perks/cosmetics.
*wink wink*